Friday, February 29, 2008

A upgrade for the spearhead of will intra-auricular Denon

It’s during the current of last week that Denon announced the replacement of its intra-auricular range top-of-the-range that is the AH-C700.

It’s the AH-C751 which comes to replace them. With the menu of the changes, a body always out of aluminium, available in black or silver plated, slightly smaller than his/her big brother, as well as the low ones regulated so as to gain a little more heat for a richer sonority compared to last grinding.

For roughly 200 EUR, they will be delivered with 3 pairs and an extension of 0,8m which carries the totality of the cable to 1,2m.

Concerning the technical data one is in presence of 16 ohms with a sensitivity of 104dB and a frequency response going from 12Hz to 24KHz.
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