Friday, February 29, 2008

Apple vs KIM : next round is about to start

Event of the Apple around iPhone week that comes burrow the bell that opens new stage in the fight enters two weight-heavy of the market of smartphone’s.

“The invitation for the event of media of the week that comes suggests that the Apple discovered as to make with that the executives of the corporations give support iPhone”, it thinks Peter Burrows in article published in the site of the Business Week magazine, mentioning itself it the invitation sent for the Apple to the press in this Wednesday.

For Burrows, iPhone is more than a telephone: it is a Macintosh computer without keyboard packed in a very small cabinet. Thus being, one is useful more to the service of general purpose computer that the Blackberry competitor, of the Research in Motion (KIDNEY). They “How knows that new corporative applications will appear to explore the many talents of iPhone? (…) Of any form, the invitation touches the bell of a new fight that will be valid the penalty to attend: Apple versus RIM”.

More details in the complete article of Burrows.

we “We are quickly approaching to the beginning of a new chapter in the history of iPhone, one that can signal so far the Apple can go in its day for the world of smartphone’s”, it says Tone Krazit in article published in the CNET.

According to it, the Apple can allow limitless access to who still wants that it wants to develop applications for iPhone, that such new products digitally needs to be signed by the Apple or that they only function by means of the seal of an agent certifier. “There is also many doubts on such scene, that they lead to much speculation on what! Accurately the Apple has in mind”.

Remembering the open letter published by Steve Jobs, director-president of the Apple, in which speaks on the desire of the company to allow that independent returners create applications for iPhone, Krazit says that “Jobs specially insinuated that the Apple was considering a model of used development of applications for other members of the community of smartphone’s, the Nokia. This model requires that any application installed in iPhone either approved by a digital certificate that verifies if the application was created in order to fulfil certain standards of security and trustworthiness. In this system, if you to try to install an application in iPhone, the operational system Mac the X of iPhone will look this digital certificate and will allow or not that the application is installed”.

Krazit cites as example the operational system Symbian for cellular, developed for the company of same name, to a large extent of property of the Nokia, and that it is the returning greater of this type of operational system in the world. According to it, the Symbian offers to the returner’s three options based on different factors, as cost, proliferation and access the technology-key of the operational system.

“Wait that the Apple implements some type of requirement of digital signature in the new applications for iPhone. This for two reasons: to control the quality of the applications that twirl in iPhone and to give to the AT&T the possibility to approve or to refuse applications that can concur with its proper services”, Krazit says.

E, how much to iPod touch: it will “Will SDKs have two separate, one more restrictive for iPhone that projected one for the Wi-Fi capacities goes more of meeting to the concerns of the operators and another opened of iPod touch?”

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