Thursday, February 28, 2008

Archos presents recorder of digital video without wires

The company specialized in portable devices of video Archos, launched its first recorder of digital video without wires. Archos TV+ is available in versions of 80 or 250 GB

This equipment consists of a system of domestic entertainment that is considered by the company as a bridge between the computer and the television, a time that allows to send contents from a PC for a television saw UPnP, to record TV programs or to sail in the InterNet and to carry through download of films.

This last functionality will be available by means of the payment of a tax of linking when browser Opera and only is made with the aid of an enclosed keyboard QWERTY in the remote control of the recorder, relates the VNUNet vestibule.

In terms of compatibility of formats, the TV+ has supported filing-cabinets of video MPEG-4, WMV and H264, this format being optional.

Already the supported formats of audio include MP3, WMA, protecting WMA and WAV.

The prices of the recording one go since the 239 euros for the model of 80 GB to the 332 euros for the version of 250 GB.

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