Friday, September 26, 2008

Apple renews iPod shuffle family

It offers 24 hours of reproduction of music, four hours of reproduction videos is available in nine colors. Most of the upgrades made to the different models had contemplated also iPod Touch, that if maintain as a platform for excellence in music’s, films e games. More I finish, I have led and small of what the original and with Wi-Fi technology, this new model it appears with the commands of lateral column, similar to iPhone, one headphone and accelerometer, between other characteristics. It also integrates the functionality Genius and makes use of support to Nike+iPod.

More color, new functionalities reduced so great e. These are only some of the points that deserve prominence on the part of Apple. The Shuffle and the model Classical look with new colors, but it was Nano that disclosed to be the star of the company. Comes with, a look reformulated. Smaller, I finish and I have more led, different with one disposition of screen, lodged in a box of arched aluminum, integrated with a speedometer, between other things, can navigate between covers of albums and chose more easily what it is intended to hear.

When it is shacked, Ndrive NSports is more than just a clock, the NSports of the Ndrive megers from altitude, distance and speed of the effectuate passages, it integrates one compuss and still monitors the frequency cardio path and the spending of calories. Resistant to water and weight 70 g. NSports can be pair with one belt of cardiac frequency, of form to obtain information on stress level during exercise / or daily routine. The capacity to record some types of information, training as the historic, is one of the advantages. 

Headphones Meant Not to Filter out Background Noise

As oil reaches recording break highs, more and more people are turning to bikes to get them around and of course nobody wants to leave behind creature comforts like music while driving.
Problem is most of today’s headphones are designed to filter out background noise.
That’s not very safe for a bicyclists since hearing what’s coming is important. The Semicircle headphones are designed to fit in your ear without blocking background noise.

The unit is wireless with a Bluetooth module that connects to a standard headphone jack. Riding your bike, saving the Earth, saving money, and enjoying music while doing it shouldn’t be a hazard. Nice concept.
Designer: Seohyun Baek

Jerk It to Get the Juice

The Shake MP3 player by Kenneth Tay makes use of kinetic energy to keep the batteries charges, similar to modern timepieces. With the hold button switched on, jerk it a few times to get the juice. Yea I just said that. Conversely if you leave the hold switch off, the shaking pauses/plays music.

Designer: Kenneth Tay

An electromagnetic coil is connected to the battery, converting kinetic energy into electrical energy that charges the battery.

The player connects to the computer via USB cable through the headphone jack, facilitating the transfer of songs as well as the conventional method of charging.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Going Yo-Yo Over the iPhone

Peter Thuvander was so excited over his new iPhone that he designed an induction powered yo-yo charger for it. It charges its lithium ion battery using an OLPC crank. 30 “yo-yo” cranks is all you need to juice up your iPhone which sounds almost too good to be true. Check out the video after the jump.

Designer: Peter Thuvander

Microsoft Zune Software 3.0

The Software of the Zune allows that you organize music’s, videos, photos and podcasts in its PC. With this program it is easy to copy and to record CDs, to create lists of music’s and to synchronize them with its device. Moreover, it is possible to import automatically its Medias, including music’s that you have in iTunes and in Windows Media Player.

It connects its Zune in its Xbox 360 and sees its photos and videos, beyond listening to its songs while it plays. The Zune will automatically import the archives in WMV, MPG4 and H.264 of its library of videos.

Works in Windows XP, Vista.

License/purchase of Microsoft Zune Software

This software is a Freeware (gratis) that, for definition, it will not lose its functionalities.

Download Microsoft Zune Software 3.0