Friday, June 3, 2011

Finnish Auto

Finnish Auto

In Nordic countries, the need for transportation is simple but demanding. The driving distances vary from long to short and the seasons vary greatly. The vehicle should be as comfortable as a luxury sedan but also as compact as a hatchback, offering an ecological option with enough space for a medium sized family. Tah da! The Michelin Active Wheel concept – Maininki.

Combined with the changeable chassis length, the concept is extremely well suited for the demands of Nordic climates.
Long driving distances, varied seasons and compact cities demand a lot from a family transportation vehicle. The design can easily change from a city hatchback to a long distance sedan.

Designer: Antti Eskeli
Source: YankoDesign

LifeBook Wireless

My Life Is An Open Tablet

Gadgets rule me! I am one of those people who get all gooey-eyed at the sight of slick concepts and the possibilities of a future where technology is so advanced that nothing is impossible; and of course robots can cry! This brings me to the near future where Tablets have evolved as the Lifebook Concept by Alan Donnelly. I’m already salivating at the specs! Hit jump to know more…

Tech Specs

* Wirelessly access internet over Wifi or high speed 4g data connection
* The built in camera senses hand movement like the Kinetic Movements, thus no need to touch the screen for controls
* Two keyboards; one on the touch screen & one as a projection keyboard for typing
* The leather flip case protects the screen when closed and holds the tablet up when open
* The tablet runs on the new Windows 8 which allows for multiple desktops, you can be switched between them with the slide of your hand
* The built in camera tracks eye movement so the screen is 3D or 2D, but with this technology you can also see more or less of the screen depending on what angle you look at it (like looking through a window)
* There is no need for bulky chargers, the Lifebook can be charged of other PCs with a USB and also wirelessly charged trough induction charging when left on the pad
* Data transfer is intuitive, leave a USB near or on top of the Lifebook and files appear on screen wirelessly
* Do the same with a camera, pick and chose the ones you want to transfer
* No need to plug in printer, just leave the tablet on top of a printer to print

Source: Yankodesign

Monday, January 25, 2010

Economic ION 33HT from ASROCK

For those looking for a good multimedia computer in a small package there's nothing like a nettop Ion with NVIDIA graphics. El ION 330HT-BD de ASRock ofrece además de muy buen desempeño multimedia, un lector Blu-ray para películas en alta definición, y como no podía ser de otra manera, un mando a distancia para que ni siquiera tengas que levantarte del sillón. The ION-DB 330HT ASRock also offers very good multimedia performance, a Blu-ray high-definition movies, and how could it be otherwise, a remote control that not even have to get off the couch. Para gente tan curiosa como nosotros, hay un video del interior del dispositivo, que podrás ver después del salto. For people as curious as us, there is a video from inside the device, which you will see after the jump.

No longer a mere a figment of our imagination, let's get this thought out of the way. Despite paying little attention to the hype behind the Nvidia Ion, it turns out we loved Asrock's implementation of the platform. By combining Nvidia's latest chipset with the Intel Atom processor, Asrock has put together an extremely impressive low-profile computer.

There are already a number of Ion 330 configurations on offer, with the 330HT-BD which we are reviewing today being Asrock's most prized. This version ($580) includes a Blu-Ray combo drive along with a Media Center Edition remote control and a few other nifty features that we will get to shortly.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Apple renews iPod shuffle family

It offers 24 hours of reproduction of music, four hours of reproduction videos is available in nine colors. Most of the upgrades made to the different models had contemplated also iPod Touch, that if maintain as a platform for excellence in music’s, films e games. More I finish, I have led and small of what the original and with Wi-Fi technology, this new model it appears with the commands of lateral column, similar to iPhone, one headphone and accelerometer, between other characteristics. It also integrates the functionality Genius and makes use of support to Nike+iPod.

More color, new functionalities reduced so great e. These are only some of the points that deserve prominence on the part of Apple. The Shuffle and the model Classical look with new colors, but it was Nano that disclosed to be the star of the company. Comes with, a look reformulated. Smaller, I finish and I have more led, different with one disposition of screen, lodged in a box of arched aluminum, integrated with a speedometer, between other things, can navigate between covers of albums and chose more easily what it is intended to hear.

When it is shacked, Ndrive NSports is more than just a clock, the NSports of the Ndrive megers from altitude, distance and speed of the effectuate passages, it integrates one compuss and still monitors the frequency cardio path and the spending of calories. Resistant to water and weight 70 g. NSports can be pair with one belt of cardiac frequency, of form to obtain information on stress level during exercise / or daily routine. The capacity to record some types of information, training as the historic, is one of the advantages. 

Headphones Meant Not to Filter out Background Noise

As oil reaches recording break highs, more and more people are turning to bikes to get them around and of course nobody wants to leave behind creature comforts like music while driving.
Problem is most of today’s headphones are designed to filter out background noise.
That’s not very safe for a bicyclists since hearing what’s coming is important. The Semicircle headphones are designed to fit in your ear without blocking background noise.

The unit is wireless with a Bluetooth module that connects to a standard headphone jack. Riding your bike, saving the Earth, saving money, and enjoying music while doing it shouldn’t be a hazard. Nice concept.
Designer: Seohyun Baek

Jerk It to Get the Juice

The Shake MP3 player by Kenneth Tay makes use of kinetic energy to keep the batteries charges, similar to modern timepieces. With the hold button switched on, jerk it a few times to get the juice. Yea I just said that. Conversely if you leave the hold switch off, the shaking pauses/plays music.

Designer: Kenneth Tay

An electromagnetic coil is connected to the battery, converting kinetic energy into electrical energy that charges the battery.

The player connects to the computer via USB cable through the headphone jack, facilitating the transfer of songs as well as the conventional method of charging.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Going Yo-Yo Over the iPhone

Peter Thuvander was so excited over his new iPhone that he designed an induction powered yo-yo charger for it. It charges its lithium ion battery using an OLPC crank. 30 “yo-yo” cranks is all you need to juice up your iPhone which sounds almost too good to be true. Check out the video after the jump.

Designer: Peter Thuvander

Microsoft Zune Software 3.0

The Software of the Zune allows that you organize music’s, videos, photos and podcasts in its PC. With this program it is easy to copy and to record CDs, to create lists of music’s and to synchronize them with its device. Moreover, it is possible to import automatically its Medias, including music’s that you have in iTunes and in Windows Media Player.

It connects its Zune in its Xbox 360 and sees its photos and videos, beyond listening to its songs while it plays. The Zune will automatically import the archives in WMV, MPG4 and H.264 of its library of videos.

Works in Windows XP, Vista.

License/purchase of Microsoft Zune Software

This software is a Freeware (gratis) that, for definition, it will not lose its functionalities.

Download Microsoft Zune Software 3.0

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Face melting Vinyl Stereo Speakers

Ed Lewis (aka Fungus Amungus) has posted a great do-it-yourself project that combines one of my favorite art forms with another of my favorite art forms. He took the hip, urban chic of vinyl toys and gave them the gift of music by fusing speakers into the faces of these “Munnny” vinyl toys from Kid Robot.

The end result is a design mash-up of sorts, but comes off as a unique way to share your love of very contemporary art and old school corporate pop, like E=MC2 by Mariah Carey. Listening to it did remind me of the smell of burning hair, or maybe it was just the burning vinyl…

Designer: Ed Lewis


The Sound Of Music

The Sound From Wind is hands down the most innovative if not frivolous bicycle accessory to date. What you get are a pair of flutes that attach to either sides of the handle bar. As you ride you bike, air rushes thru chambers producing sounds similar to an ocarina. You manipulate those sounds by pressing keys on both flutes and if you want a fuller, richer sound - ride faster!

This is brilliant for two reasons. One, I’ve always loved the sound of a flute or ocarina. Two, I’ve always wanted to move with my own soundtrack. This somewhat brings me closer to my dreams of living out my musical fantasies. And while I’m at it, might as well add beads to the spokes, neon blinkers front and rear, and a bell to complete the fully pimped out look. Designer: Joseph Kim


Button Down Tunes

Plenty of designers have attempted to fuse fashion with gadgets. Most have been unsuccessful with often designs that were either complicated, cumbersome or just plain ugly.

Here is an item that is simplicity at its best.

The “Wire Button” by Jaehyung Hong untangles your headphone cables for your listening pleasure and looks subtle enough to avoid being branded a gadget geek. Designer: Jaehyung Hong


HTC Touch Diamond P3700 Unlocked Brand New

The HTC touch Diamond rivals the iPhone yet again. HTC's new flagship phone has virtually every feature available! The huge 2.8 Inch touchscreen LCD has an impressive 480 x 640 resolution, perfect for showing off the vivid pictures you can take with the built in 3.15MP camera.

The all new TouchFLO 3D finger swipe navigation is the most elegant interface we've ever seen on a Windows device to date. The 4GB internal hard drive gives you plenty of room to store movies, pictures, music and Windows Mobile 6.1 programs, and the 528 Mhz processor will burn through any task you throw at it.

But that's not all the Diamond manages to offer! A-GPS is built in so you'll never get lost on the road. Need to get connected? The Diamond has WiFi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, HSDPA 7.2Mbps (EU and AS only) and EDGE. The list goes on and on for this amazing HTC phone, and it's even thinner than the iPhone!


Buy from Amazon - HTC Touch Diamond (Black)