Thursday, February 28, 2008

Microsoft in the Market of the Market of the Portable Ones with Zune

Some times when someone spoke that the Microsoft could be gives to bet in the market of the portable ones, developing its proper similar platform to compete with them you console PSP and Nintendo DS. However the giant of Redmond, left to see, in this Game Developers Conference, that the intention is to try to the maximum the capacities of its portable reproducer Zune, with the possibility of this power also to be used to play games.

The Microsoft made compatible tools XNA Game Studio with the Zune, briding the producers to work and to try software.

To long of the event, the North American company, he made a demonstration, where he used tools XNA Game Studio in the PC, to create a game, and that later if he could adapt this game, without any obstacle, between the diverse platforms, Zune, 360 Xbox and Games will be Windows. Without he doubts that it is a first step for that he will be able to give that to speak in the future.

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