Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Concept for one iPod Touch in Form of Lipstick

Before anything else, an acknowledgment. This product is conceptual and it does not have relation none with apple. If you do not like conceptual products, that never will possibly be produced, you suggest that she stops to read for here.

When vi iStick for the first time, I remembered that one iPhone conceptual Shuffle that we show here passed year, but this idea is more for one iPod Touch Shuffle. Designer Alexei Mikhailov also leaves well clearly that iStick would not be one gadget to attend the films and to see photographs, for the reduced size of its four screens but the truth is that it could function very to hear musics well, with the icons of iPhone and iPod Touch and the navigation for the CoverFlow.

All the screens of iStick would be touchscreens and the Wi-Fi connection would serve to have access iTunes and who knows its account of email, even so this not serja the proposal of designer. That apple could well launch one thus iPod Shuffle, and I already would be satisfied with an only screen.

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