Wednesday, February 27, 2008

iphone at night of the Oscars

You saw the Oscars the past Domingo? I no, followed it by Extracine that did excellent liveblogging of the finery, but opinions aside from boring that were the that single celebration there are two remarkable things for us: iPhone and Nintendo Wii.

It almost seems a joke, two of “gadgets” of the 2007 in one of the followed broadcastings more of the world, as if they needed to promote itself. In the case of iPhone single it was a little while in which John Stewart removed it, but peculiarly the logo of Apple could be seen.

Worse, to put qualifying a light one, he was the one of Nintendo, around 20 seconds in scene, where the same presenter left playing a game WiiTennis really needs at this point Wii more promotion?

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