Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Apple surpasses the mark of 50 million users

São Paulo - iTunes, the music store online of the Apple, reached the mark of 50 million registered in cadastre users. With this, the store starts to be the second greater peddler of musics for the InterNet of U.S.A., behind only of the retail net Wal-Mart.

according to Apple, only in the Christmas of the passed year, the company commercialized 20 million musics. In the total, already it vendeu 4 billion headings.

ITunes must its success the two of the main products of the Apple: the family of tocadores of musics in MP3 iPod, and the cellular device iPhone. Still thus, the store vende music also for customers who do not have these equipment. In Brazil, for account of problems in the standard of the system of payments, the users do not have as to acquire musics for iTunes.

Recently, the virtual store gained new impulse with the launching of new products of the Apple, especially Apple TV and the MacBook Air and the service iTunes Movie Rentals. This multiplied the number of downloads paid of videos through iTunes. With the service of rent of films, firmed in partnership with the five main studios of Hollywood, the user can lower complete films that, after visas, if autodestroem in the hard disk of the purchaser.

The exploration of these new services, in set with the launched devices, is the appositive one of the Apple to surpass the image problems that had with iPhone, that it passed for an controversial reduction of prices few months after to be launched, besides hindering that using they choose its operator freely or the programs to be installed in the device.
[Globo Online, Jose Sergio Osse]

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