Friday, February 29, 2008

iPhone 3G within 6 months chip made by Infineon?

IPhone 3G, that damn apparatus that until the moment is single an image in our heads.

We bring (unfortunately) new and bad rumours to you, that iPhone 3G will not be between us until at least 6 months. This date arrives after the news, more rumorología than another thing, of which the chip 3G that will take iPhone the future is going it to make Infineon.

Strangest of everything it is east time that must more be by the manufacture of new terminals than the development of chip HSDPA, since searching carefully by the page of Infineon we have been with this, its chip WCDMA/HSPA… But the light becomes, thinks, if already we are almost in March, we added 6 to him months…September! And to Apple it likes much that month.

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