Thursday, February 28, 2008

More data of the new ZenShare de Creative

Welcome to another delivery of the pure rumor and it lasts. You remember weeks ago when we spoke of the possible new reproducer of Creative? Truth that no… Well, we refreshed the memory briefly to you, would be the ZenShare call, a reproducer of the Zen range that would have a special capacity: WiFi connection.

According to the new rumors that take from EpiZENter, aside from which it has WiFi, something that is not new in the world of the reproducers (no longer I say it by iPod Touch, if not in general, example: Zune), would have X-Fi. What is X-Fi? It is a technology created by Creative that improves the quality of the sound, already used in cards of sound of Creative, that in fact is an abbreviation of Carries farFidelity.

Also t├íctil… is spoken of a screen; you hope! WiFi? Touch screen? this sounds to me, not porque… At least we have the certainty of something, that they are rumors, very possible but rumors in the end, we hope that Creative present something very interesting and not simply its vision of iPod Touch.

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