Friday, February 29, 2008

T-shirt of the future functions as battery for iPod

Scientists of special U.S.A. had obtained this when using wires in fabrics.
He does not have forecast for launching of products that use this technology.

Zhong Lin safe Wang composition for staple fibres. Both are covered with wires of zinc oxide and one of them gained a gold layer. The energy is generated with the attrition between them (Photo: AP)

In the future, its t-shirt will be able to function as power plant for its iPod, cellular and other electronic. This because scientists had developed a form to generate electricity joining the fabric of the part the very small wires special. Thus, they had obtained to create a generated power plant when the fabric if puts into motion. He does not have forecast for launching of products that use this technology.

The study, divulged in the magazine "Nature" in this Thursday (14), he combines the precision of the nanotechnology with a principle called piezoelectric effect, that generates electricity when some types of materials suffer pressure. Although this being an old theory, it comes gaining force for account of the search for alternative sources of energy.

To create this t-shirt, Zhong Lin Wang and its colleagues of the Institute of Technology of the Georgia, in the United States, they had covered staple fibres of the fabric with invisible wires to zinc the made human oxide eyes. Each wire of this has only 50 nanometres of diameter - are 1,8 a thousand times finer than the human hair - and some of them had been covered with gold.

With the movement of the fabric, the zinc oxide of some staple fibres scrapes in the gold of others. The result of the tension and pressure results in a load that is captured by the gold and can feed a circuit. The scientists esteem that a square meter of this fabric produces about 80 miliwatts of electricity, the sufficient to load a MP3 player.

The main innovation of this system is the fact of natural movements made by the proper user of the part to generate electricity. "Also it has the wind and vibrations that work for you. Thus, [is not necessary to make much force to produce energy] ", said Wang.

The scientists intend to change the gold for another material, more cheap, that also she functions as conducting. Moreover, the zinc oxide is not watertight e, therefore, the t-shirt could not be washed. The necessary team of scientists to discover a way to protect the wires that take this material, to decide the problem.

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