Friday, February 29, 2008

Bend it Like iMac

Many things come to occupy of when I imagine the characteristics new that could have been useful in mine Mac; perhaps a screen of the touch, connectivity 3G integrated, pop-out for is the remote control, integrated projector of the LCD, and levels a system of the radar of the defence of the bear of ninja... I had one incident, I left I go it.

The designer Nuno Teixeira believes that each computer must be two faced and with more curves. I dated this girl for one when and I was one nightmare hot, but its iteration of "iView" of iMac of a Apple has definitively much more it appeal.

Making examination of a suggestion of the screens of theatre of the film of wrap-around of the CINERAMA of 1950's, this iMock-up of iMac characterizes a giant bending orientation of the screen (for best to the natural bending of the human eye) and as it constructed in the screen of the LCD in the back one (useful for students and the graphical designer.)

When going off for the stars, also included two webcams (front part and back part). The probability this will be made always? 0%, the probability I would really like one of these? 100% YES

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