Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sony Mylo looks for developer

If we had to make a list with gadgets “perdedores” of the 2007, particularly, in my list Sony Mylo 2 would go between the first positions, the evolution badly raised of a good idea that began being Mylo.

There is no doubt that Sony has not raised it well, first by being based on the Wii to connect itself solely to Internet, would have to be able to connect itself, although single it went via Bluetooth to a moving body 3G, something that really allows you to be connected anywhere. Now Sony opens a dedicated site to developer so that they program widgets and they try to revivir to a dead.

The truth is that having others gadgets that allows you to make than a Mylo more, like a Sidekick or even a BlackBerry, sounds to joke this gadget. Let us hope that Sony prepares ter soon.

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