Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Information at each step

This gadget is only a concept but it seemed to me something brilliant, really interesting. As they can see, the apparatus devised by Mac Funamizu, is a style of Wikipedia much more pretty andante but and outpost.

The idea of the creator is that this transportable apparatus has one touch screen, integrated camera, to scanner, Wi-Fi connectivity, Google Maps and Google Search among other characteristics. He is something that could be used all along and in all place.

If you observed an object the screen would show details on him, like the name of an insect, the model of a car or the meals in a table between a infinity of other things. One assumes that it would use its Wi-Fi connection to obtain the data through the Web.

They imagine, you, addict to the information, to have this apparatus in a foreign country (or even in yours) teach in each step, in each movement? It seems to me something brilliant.

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