Monday, January 21, 2008

Toshiba Portege G450

It is a music reproducer? it is a control at a distance? it is a key ring? It is a movable telephone? No! It is the new Toshiba Portege G450, an extremely small telephone just sent by Toshiba.

In a strangest form, half stick USB and half reproductive MP3 of 10 euros, Toshiba has created east hybrid, a telephone 3G/HSDPA, with an internal memory of 160MB that becomes memory USB, a screen YOU SMELL of single 2 lines, and one of them occupies 80% of the screen, reproducer of music, measures of 36×98x16 millimeters and single 57 grams of weight (that must of being the best thing of “esto”).

Sincerely, this is a potato, the keyboard for whom this thought? Because for humans I do not create it, a screen so mínima… can be written messages SMS? Why he is 3G if it does not have screen like sailing by Internet or making photos and subirlas…? WTF with Toshiba?

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