Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Expect Shuffle Speaker, mini loudspeaker for iPod Shuffle

Those that you perhaps follow faithfuls this small and simple reproducer of Apple you interest in this small loudspeaker - that seems of toy - that is complemented perfectly as far as size talks about with iPod Shuffle.

The call Expect Shuffle Speaker has measures of 60 xs 50 xs 50mm and only weight 39 grams. He is compatible with iPod Shuffle of second generation and its battery has an autonomy of up to 4 hours of duration.

It works as much with batteries as by means of cable USB, via through which also we will be able to recharge iPod when it is connected. Its price is of 13.99$ (9,66?)y you have available in pink color (in the image) and gray.

Buy from Amazon - iPod Shuffle 1GB

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