Wednesday, January 23, 2008

iRiver Siren DP150

The worshippers of gadgets very basic pequeñitos and you are going to find in Siren DP150 a good alternative.

One is the last reproducer MP3 to iRiver, that counts on a weight of only 24 grams.

The Siren DP150, that has a small screen YOU SMELL in its frontal of 128 xs 32, has integrated equalizador, tuning of radio and recorder of voice and its autonomy reaches the 17 hours of reproduction of archives as much MP3 as WMA.

He is available in three colors gilded, pink and blue and in two capacities of 1GB ($65 - 44.88) and 2Gb ($84 - 58). At the moment we do not know when it makes raid in our market (and even if it will get to do it or not).

Buy from Amazon - iRiver 1CLIx8B Clix 8 GB Multimedia Player

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