Monday, January 21, 2008

Flutet - Bookmarklet

Flulet = flux (=feed in French) + bookmarklet

Flulet opens the feed of the page you are reading, so you can read the content with all the comfort provided by the iPhone embedded reader.

Flulet is the most efficient way to read feeds, there's only two steps
enter any URL into Safari's address bar
choose Flulet bookmark

Boom! the feeds open in the .Mac Reader You can, if you wish bookmark this new location, so next time, there will be just on step between you and your news expresso !

The code is 99% inspired by (not to say stolen from...) a google reader bookmarklet that does the same thing but for Google Reader only and which is available here. Mine gives you the freedom to choose your feed reader when clicked on a computer and uses the iPhone embedded feed reader when tapped on an iPhone. iTransmogrify is an inspiring project as well.

To add the bookmarklet, just drag the sidebar link (named flulet) into your browser bookmarks bar and sync your iPhone. Then, whenever you are on a page which is hard to read on your iPhone, just select the bookmark to read it within the content focused iPhone embedded reader.

Or, add it right from your iPhone: click here, bookmark the 404 page and then modify the bookmark address to delete the beginning of the address ( and keep only the text from javascript....

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