Tuesday, January 22, 2008

iPhone 2: Intel Menlow inside?

More rumors concerning the processor appear each time of next iPhone 2 to the Apple (foreseen for 2008).

If in the majority of the cases the portable devices use processors with architecture of type ARM for some reasons, since the relatively low consumption until the great one offer in the market (Samsung, Sony, Texas Instruments or still Motorola). The truth is that these processors cannot be considered as power monsters.

So far the processors with architecture x86, as the ones that we find in all the PC currently, had the advantage to be each time more powerful but they had on the other hand never reached, exactly for the portable models, enough low levels of consumption to be integrated in mobile devices, as PDA, telemóveis or still GPS.
A called revolution Menlow
The Intel presented a called Menlow, a form of Centrino for mobile devices and based platform in the Silverthorne processor. This recorded processor in 45nm can reach frequency of 2GHz with a aproximativo consumption of 2W!
Another argument: the price, the relative simplicity of the Silverthorne becomes this economic processor in its production.

Mac The X
The Apple makes use of a great advantage on its competitors in whom it says respect to its operative system. The Mac the X shows to be an excellent example of portabilidade, being able to be used with processors of diverse architectures, since the ARM to x86 passing for Power PC. The nucleus MACH has here an argument of weight relatively to the Symbian or Windows Mobile.
The Symbian limits it the ARM when the Windows Mobile abandoned the support of MIPS and the SH in its last versions. They remember the easiness with that the Apple operated the ticket of Power PC for x86? Therefore this compatibility will go to favor to iPhone, the firm of Cuppertino will be able to edit compatible applications with actuais iPhone future ARM and iPhone x86.

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