Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rumor: Sony Walkman A820

Uhhhh! A rumor arrives strong and has the company/signature of the FCC. It seems to be that Sony glides to present/display a new model of his conocidísima range Sony Walkman under the name of A820.

Little that knows, we know that the reproducer would count on connectivity Bluetooth 2.0. and he would be available in three capacities to choose: 4Gb, 8GB and 16GB. We imagined that externally it will have certain similar to the A810 model, although to polish it just a little bit in design would not come to them bad.

It seems that still we will have to hope just a little bit to surely see the official presentation of this new Walkman model but that we will know more data as the dias/semanas pass. If it is that when one release one pista…ya cannot be stopped!

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