Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meridian iRIS HD iPod Dock

The Meridian iRIS design incorporates uniquely sophisticated and specialized video processing courtesy of its Qdeo digital processing engine from chip-maker Marvell. This empowers the Meridian iRIS to derive upscaled and upconverted video—including full-HD-format 1080-progressive mode—with unprecedented quality.

Instead of the lower definition resolutions “native” to small-format iPod Video clips, downloaded video can be displayed on the large screen in impressively tight, HD-formatted full-screen video—up to 1080p on HDMI, or 1080i or 720p via the analog component-video outputs. The iRIS has a standard Apple 30 pin dock connector accepting any 3G iPod or iPod Video. Output connector includes a HDMI, Component, s-Video and composite video, coax, optical audio while the input connector includes HDMI.


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