Monday, January 21, 2008

One Remote Control with Radio FM for its ipod

If you iPod was looking a solution to listen to radio FM in its, a good option is the new remote control of the RADIUS. The RadRemote has to tuner of radio FM inlaid with auto-scan function and memory stops up to 5 stations of radio. It also can control the main functions of its iPod as volume, play and pause, besides changing the stations, are clearly.

It measures 25 x 35,9 x 10 mm and weighs only 21 grams. Its design was?inspirado? in iPod Shuffle, and it even though has that clip that is excellent to arrest in its clothes. The control has a button to stop you not to change of music or station of radio without wanting.

The RadRemote has two models in the colors black and white to combine with its iPod. It knows more in the site of the RADIUS (in Japanese).
[IP Jornal]

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