Monday, January 21, 2008

iPhone with Lotus Notes: nightmare for the managers of YOU?

IBM can announce compatibility of applicatory of email to the telephone of the Apple the this week, in the Lotusphere, what it would be the end of the obstacle for the adoption of iPhone in companies.

The worried managers of YOU already in discovering as to support iPhone for executives in its nets now seem to have gained a new concern.

An article divulged for the Engadget and the Associated Press says that the applicatory one of email Lotus Notes, of IBM, in briefing will be placed in iPhone and iPod Touch, of the Apple. The official announcement must happen this week, during the Lotusphere. Executives of the Apple and the IBMm however, had still not commented the subject.

Pparently, this development would be first the applicatory one of third since that the Apple announced that would open its products (iPhone and iPod Touch) for desenvolvedores of is. Steve Jobs, CEO of the Apple, said in October of 2007 that the kit for desenvolvedores of software (SDK) would not be available before February, after the probable announcement of the Lotus Notes.

Many professionals had little considered iPhone indicated for corporative users. One of the main reasons is accurately the fact of the device not to bring native support for a system of corporative email, as the Lotus Notes.

On the other hand, iPhone with You notice, that it has a good slice of the market of e-mails, would give to the corporative users another reason to beat to the door of the team of YOU in its company, asking for that the popular equipment was standardized inside of the organization.
[Computerworld, USA]

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