Monday, January 21, 2008

Apple fixes critical failures of the QuickTime, iPhone and iPod Touch

In its first bulletin of 2008 security, company one more time blocks applications of third in iPhone.

The Apple divulged its first package of 2008 security correcting imperfections of iPhone, iPod Touch and of the QuickTime.

Microsoft corrects critical failure of the Seen Windows and the XP
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As well as in the previous updates, iPhone 1.1.3 bar the users who had installed Jailbreak software, used to twirl applications of third in the cellular one of the Apple.

In accordance with Unofficial Apple Weblog, exactly with the installation of iPhone 1.1.3, is possible to twirl applications of third, but the process is complex.

With this bulletin, the Apple corrects two imperfections, including a critical one, in browser Safari. IPod Touch had problem of iPhone the same.

The update of the QuickTime corrects four critical failures in the software, that could make MAC that hacker twirled not authorized software in the computer of the victim.

The Apple, however, did not correct a serious imperfection of the QuickTime, disclosed this week, that is worrying the researchers.

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