Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New record player Numark TTi for Ipod

The Numark presents its new record player Numark TTi, created to directly transfer to those its old LPs to iPod, without the necessity of a computer. She is clearly that if you to prefer, also it can connect turntable to its computer for door USB, and use programs EZ Vinyl Converter (PCs) or EZ Audio To convert (Macs) that they follow the record player. These programs use the technology of identification of musics of the Gracenote to analyze the writings and automatically to search the name of the artist and the music of the InterNet.

Beyond the D.C. for iPod, this turntable also has control of pitch and an exit of audio amplified its to receiver it. The Numark TTi must be launched in as the semester of this year for USS $449 (it are there). Release of the Numark reads more in press.
[IP Jornal]

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