Friday, December 14, 2007

How to View Lyrics on an iPod

Before you can view lyrics on an iPod, you have to enter the song’s lyrics into iTunes. Once you have found the lyrics to the song and added them to iTunes, you have to sync up to your desktop computer and add the new lyrics to your iPod. After you have done so, you can view the lyrics as the song plays on your iPod.

Difficulty: Easy
Things You'll Need

Step One
Enter the lyrics for the song into iTunes. To start this process, select a song you have in your library.

Step Two
Click on “File” to bring down a menu of options. From this menu, choose “Get Info.”

Step Three
Select “Lyrics.” This will pull up an empty text box where you can either type in the words to the song or you can paste the lyrics from another file.

Step Four
Type the lyrics to the song in the textbox and save. The lyrics are saved as plain text, so if you have written the lyrics down elsewhere using fancy fonts or spacing, those details will be lost.

Step Five
Sync your iPod with your desktop computer. Dock the iPod and transfer the song along with the lyrics file to your iPod.

Step Six
Select the song that you added lyrics to in iTunes from your play list and begin playing.

Step Seven
Go to the “Now Playing” screen. Press and hold the center button until the lyrics are displayed.
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Overall Tips & Warnings
*Search the Internet for lyrics if you are having trouble deciphering them on your own.
*Some songs may come with lyric information and artwork when you purchase them from the online music store.
*Lyrics are copyrighted works. You may need permission in order to copy the lyrics onto either your computer or your iPod.

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