Monday, December 10, 2007

How to Find Video Podcasts for an iPod

Video podcasts are exactly like normal podcasts except they have video as well. With an iPod video, you can enjoy regularly updated Web episodes with audio and video. All you need to find video podcasts for an iPod are in these steps.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You'll Need
Internet access

Step One
Open iTunes. All things iPod related are done through iTunes. Get it free with your iPod or download it from the iTunes Web site.

Step Two
Visit the iTunes Store. The iTunes Store is the official source for iPod media. Click the store link from the list on the left.

Step Three
Click "Podcasts." You should find the link in a panel labeled "iTunes Store."

Step Four
Browse around. This will bring you to the podcasts page. You can select a subcategory or browse around the featured content.

Step Five
Find a video podcast. Not all podcasts will be video podcasts. They will usually let you know if there is video in the title. Once you find something you like, click it.

Step Six
Subscribe. You will be brought to the "Podcast Detail Page" that will show you available episodes and price. Click "Subscribe" to download the most recent episode. Click "Get Episode" to get a specific episode. Wait for the download to complete.

Step Seven
Sync to your iPod. Connect your iPod and either let it sync automatically or drag the podcast to your iPod icon. You should now be able to view the podcast on your iPod.
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Overall Tips & Warnings
*Be sure you have the latest version of iTunes. Check online regularly (see links below) for updates.
*Many video podcasts are free! Try doing a search for your favorite TV show or radio personality to see if they offer a free podcast.
*You must have an iPod video (fifth generation) to view video on your iPod.
*Podcasts not found on iTunes may have incompatible video for playback on your iPod.

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