Friday, December 14, 2007

How to Listen to Audiobooks on an iPod

You can listen to audiobooks on an iPod just like you would listen to podcasts or music. All you need to do is find an audiobook on the iTunes Store, load the audiobook and then play it back on your iPod. Follow these steps to listen to audiobooks on an iPod.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Resources: Free Classic Audio Books

Step One
Find an audiobook. Open up iTunes and log on to the iTunes Store by clicking the icon on the left. Now either search using the box in the top right or click "Audiobooks" under "iTunes Store" to browse.

Step Two
Download an audiobook. Once you find something you like, click "Buy Book." Sign up for an account should you need to and then checkout. This will put the audiobook into your iTunes library.

Step Three
Connect your iPod. Wait for the icon to appear.

Step Four
Load audiobooks manually. If you update your iPod manually, simply drag and drop the audiobook from your iTunes library to your iPod icon.

Step Five
Sync automatically. Your iPod syncs audiobooks at the same time it syncs music, so all you need to do is have the audiobook on your computer and update your iPod.

Step Six
Disconnect your iPod. Make sure the "Do not Disconnect" display is gone before disconnecting your iPod. You may have to hit the "Eject" icon in iTunes first.

Step Seven
Play the audiobook. From the iPod main menu, go to "Music" then “Audiobooks" and then select the audiobook you want to listen to.
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Overall Tips & Warnings
*You can change the playback speed of audiobooks under your iPod settings.
*Audiobooks are skipped when listening to your iPod on shuffle, unless they are included in the playlist you are shuffling.
*Automatically syncing your iPod will delete any audiobooks that aren't on your computer.

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