Monday, December 10, 2007

How to View Album Artwork on an iPod

You have to set iTunes first before you can view album artwork on an iPod. The default setting for iTunes is to allow you to view album artwork on an iPod, but these defaults may be changed for various reasons. Resetting iTunes is a piece of cake and gets you on your way to seeing album artwork on your iPod. Follow these steps to view album artwork on an iPod.

Difficulty: Easy
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Step One
Open the iTunes software on your desktop computer and pull up the “Source” pane to begin the process of allowing you to see album artwork on an iPod.

Step Two
Pull down the “Music” tab. Scroll through the choices and select “Display album artwork on your iPod.” When a song has available artwork, that artwork will be displayed while the song is playing.

Step Three
Sync up your iPod with the desktop computer to update the information on your iPod. When you do not sync with your desktop computer, the changes you made in iTunes will not be reflected on your iPod.

Step Four
Select a song on your iPod that features album artwork. Start the playback for this song.

Step Five
Pull up the “Now Playing” screen and push the center button two times. This pulls up the album artwork.
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Overall Tips & Warnings
*Not all albums have artwork available. Check for album artwork availability when you purchase songs or import music from your CD collection.
*The default settings for the iTunes software allow you view album artwork on your iPod. Returning iTunes to its default settings should allow you to view album artwork on your iPod. Remember to sync up after you have reset iTunes.
*Displaying album artwork is slightly more draining on the battery, so if you are looking to squeeze every second of play time from the battery, you may not want to display album artwork for every song.

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