Friday, December 14, 2007

How to Connect an Ipod Shuffle to a Mac

The iPod shuffle, though small in size is big on storage capacity. It has 1 GB of memory with the ability to hold up to 240 songs. It's easy to connect and upload music. Read on to learn how to connect an iPod shuffle to a Mac.

Difficulty: Easy
Things You'll Need
Mac computer
iPod shuffle

Step One
Check your iPod shuffle to determine whether it is the original, stick version or the newer, more compact version.

Step Two
Make sure your Mac is turned on. You will not be able to access iTunes when it is off.

Step Three
Turn on your iPod shuffle. Your Mac will not recognize it otherwise.

Step Four
Plug it directly into a high-power USB port on the Mac if you have the original version. If you have the newer version of the iPod shuffle then place it in the iPod dock connector.

Step Five
Watch the Mac monitor to ensure iTunes loads automatically. This means a connection has been established.
by eHow Electronics Editor
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Overall Tips & Warnings
*Before connecting an iPod shuffle to a portable Mac, plug the Mac in. Transferring data to the iPod drains power.
*Make sure the connector and the port match before inserting the connector.
*Do not transfer music unless the iPod shuffle is fully charged. If the battery dies, it may result in an incomplete transfer.
*You must connect the iPod shuffle to a high-power USB port. It will not work if you connect it to a low-power USB port, which are located on peripherals.

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