Thursday, December 13, 2007

How to Buy a Used IPod

An iPod is one of the best MP3 players out there. Since its introduction in 2001, the iPod took over the market and captured the imagination of music lovers. Try as they might, other manufacturers cannot make a significant dent in the iPod's market share. Since they can be expensive, many people want to buy a used iPod. It's possible, but there are some considerations. Read this eHow to learn more.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step One
Look for used iPods at trusted retailers. You want to make sure that the iPod you purchase is not stolen and will have no issues.

Step Two
Ask for a guarantee when you buy a used iPod. If an issue comes up, you must be able to return it.

Step Three
Buy added coverage with your used iPod. This way you are covered should the iPod fail soon after you buy it.

Step Four
Get a refurbished iPod directly from Apple. Apple sells refurbished iPods directly from their store or at the Apple site. These iPods are covered with warranties.

Step Five
Find used iPods on eBay. There is some risk associated with a buy like this. Try to get some kind of guarantee with your purchase.

Step Six
Check out what Overstock has to offer. They also have used iPods at auction on their site.

Step Seven
Be sure the used iPod you buy has its memory erased, and that it is not preloaded with music. A pre-loaded, used iPod is in violation of copyright law.
by eHow Electronics Editor
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