Thursday, December 13, 2007

How to Find the Latest iPod Updaters for Your PC

Continual technological advances have made listening to music and watching videos with your iPod easier than ever. You can keep pace with the latest features by downloading the free upgrades available on Apple's Web site. Just turn on your computer and follow these steps.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You'll Need
Internet access

Step One
Visit Apple's iTunes Web site. Review the system requirements for running iTunes 7, the latest version of iTunes.

Step Two
Download and install the Windows version of iTunes 7 if your PC meets the requirements.

Step Three
Attach your iPod to your computer and open iTunes 7. Click the “iPod” icon listed under “Devices.” Open the iPod’s “Summary” tab.

Step Four
Select the “Upgrade” button when you see a caption stating that updates are available for your iPod. Allow the updates to install themselves and restart your iPod.

Step Five
Use iTunes updates that predate the release of iTunes 7 if your PC can't run iTunes 7. Visit Apple's iTunes Web site.

Step Six
Click “Support” at the top of the Web site, then the “iPod 101” link. Click “iPod Anatomy” which will lead you to a “Lesson 4: Installing and Updating Software” link. This page offers guidelines for making iPod updates and a link to previous upgrade downloads for PC users.

Step Seven
Evaluate your PC’s ability to meet the system requirements for the available iPod updates. Click the "Download" link (labeled with a downward arrow and the file size) to begin the upgrade.
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Overall Tips & Warnings
*Click the "Eject" icon or select "Eject" from the "Controls" menu before disconnecting your iPod from your computer.


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