Monday, December 10, 2007

How to Use iTunes With an iPod

Using iTunes with an iPod is not difficult since iTunes are designed for iPods. Your iPod can use iTunes as well as other MP3 files with ease. Below is a list of steps to help you use iTunes with an iPod.

Difficulty: Easy

Step One
Turn on your computer and open your iTunes program.

Step Two
Now connect your iPod with your FireWire. You should have received a compatible cord for connecting your computer to your iPod when you purchased it. Connect the cord to your iPod and then connect it to a USB port on your computer.

Step Three
Use the "Set Up Assistant" to enter in a name for your iPod and select "Automatic Update" option if you want to put all of your songs on to your iPod. "Automatic Update" will allow you to update your iPod easily every time you add songs to iTunes.

Step Four
Click on "Register" your iPod and enter in your product information on the iTunes Web site.

Step Five
Click on "Done," which is located at the bottom of the box, and you will receive a message saying that your iPod is being updated.

Step Six
When the update is finished, click on the "Eject iPod" button on the bottom of the page. You will be instructed to remove the iPod when it is safe to do so.

Step Seven
Unplug the FireWire from your computer first and then disconnect the wire from your iPod carefully.
by eHow Electronics Editor
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Overall Tips & Warnings
*Choose "Manual" if you do not want all of your iTunes songs on your iPod. If you use manual you can select which songs you want to transfer.
*Your iPod will automatically update after linking for the first time.
*In "Automatic Update" mode, you cannot edit your songs on your iPod.
*Make sure you have enough memory on your iPod.

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