Friday, December 14, 2007

How to Put Pictures on an iPod

Like other electronic handheld units, versions of iPods have several uses. Along with music and video capabilities, you are able to store photos in large quantities as well, depending on the amount of memory your iPod has. You can view several different picture files from Macs and PCs. Here are the steps of how to put pictures on an iPod.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step One
Connect your iPod to your computer as you normally would with the USB cable.

Step Two
Open iTunes if you don’t have it open on your computer already. You will be able to access photo options from here.

Step Three
Choose “Preferences” from the iTunes menu. This will pop up a tab where you will be able to complete step 4.

Step Four
Click on the iPod tab in the screen that will open up after completing step 3.

Step Five
Select the “Photos” tab in the “iPod” pane you chose in step 4.

Step Six
Choose the “Synchronize Photos From” checkbox and select either "iPhoto," "Choose Folder" or "Pictures" (as in your pictures folder) from the pop-up menu.
by eHow Electronics Editor
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Overall Tips & Warnings
*To get photos and images from your computer onto your iPod, you can either sync a folder of images on your computer with iPod or sync images from software.
*You can view JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG and BMP images on a Windows-based iPod.
*Saving photos on your iPod takes up memory.
*No iPod comes with the ability to take photos; they are just able to store and view them.

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