Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How to Update an Older iPod

The iPod revolution progresses further all the time. Newer and better iPods are continually released, and there is no end in sight. If your bank account can not keep up with the pace of the revolution and you are hanging on to your older iPod, you will need to update its software. Here is how to update an older iPod.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step One
Turn your iPod on. Updates can not be made when your iPod is not turned on.

Step Two
Install iTunes and your iPod software from the included CD.

Step Three
Visit the Apple Web site (see below) periodically for updates which they will post for free download. You can go to this Web site if you’re using a PC or a Mac with your iPod.

Step Four
Download the latest version of the updater in the upper right-hand corner, then open and install it on your computer.
by eHow Electronics Editor
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Overall Tips & Warnings
*Make sure you’ve also got the latest version of iTunes downloaded and installed on your computer.
*Check back to the site periodically to make sure you stay up to date.
*Always download our updates and versions of iTunes from the Apple Web site to avoid viruses.

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