Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Taken care of: Firmware 1,1 of iPod Classic damages the earpieces

It seems that in these days the rumors that have been intensified cases of proprietors of iPod Classic exist who when updating firmware 1,1 have been with failures in their earpieces.

Concretely the problem is in the emission that the own reproducer lance of electrical pulses of 500mv, even when he is dull, able to damage our earpieces or to produce interferences.

Clear that the testimonies of failures with his iPods after the update do not stop here, and already one comments also permanent blockades of the reproducer and even cases of of not having been able to ignite it more.

The best thing of everything is than until the moment for writing up this post, the Apple house follows without pronouncing itself. Either you take Jobs, or you take!

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