Friday, February 8, 2008

Sony’s XDV-G200 and XDV-D500, Your New Pocket TV

While many manufacturers work hard building devices with endless functions, it's always intrigued us geeks to see a company like Sony create a simple product with just two main functions like radio and mobile TV. The Sony XDV-G200 and SDV-G500 are such products.

In a nutshell, our XDV-G200, which resembles a simple DAP (Mp3 player), features a 1Seg TV tuner and an AM/FM radio tuner. It has a 2.0” QVGA screen and can be used up to 8h for TV watching and 18h for FM Radio listening (58x92x14mm for just 87g).

As for the XDV-D500, the “BRAVIA” Pocket TV as Sony likes to call it, we also find a 1Seg TV Tuner, an AM/FM radio tuner, but includes 2GB internal memory to be used mainly to record 1Seg TV programs. It comes with a 3” TFT screen with a WQVGA resolution. Our little pocket TV can used up to 8h for watching TV and 27h for FM radio (9+8x59.3x14.3mm, 107g).

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