Monday, February 4, 2008


Technical Details
* Wide LCD, 16 million color, res. 800x480, ultra portable
* Play all your digital entertainment: movies, TV shows, photos and music
* Record video from camcorder, TV sources; programmable PVR function for television programming
* FM tuner with record capability and voice recorder; line-in recording to MP3
* Internal rechargeable battery; compatible with Windows operating systems

Product Description
Introducing the most versatile portable multimedia experience for digital media enthusiasts, the COWON A3 delivers a full range of high-end video/audio capabilities. The successor to the top-rated A2, the A3 PMP features HD video output (1280x720) for movie playback on HDTV and direct recording from external A/V devices (TV, VCR or camcorder) for viewing on a 4-inch widescreen color TFT LCD. The COWON A3 digital video performance is optimized by the latest Texas Instruments DaVinci DM6441 digital media processor and an expanded hard-drive capacity of 30GB or 60GB provides maximum digital media storage.

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