Monday, February 4, 2008

iPod does not intervene with cardiac pacemaker, says FDA

Electromagnetic fields generated by four tested models of iPod had been considered worthless.

“É improbable that iPods intervenes with cardiac pacemaker, said in this searching tuesday of the Food and Drug Administration”, it informs Maggie Fox in article published for the agency of Reuters notice.

According to it, the researcher of the American governmental agency — equivalent to the Anvisa Brazilian — it tested a variety of models of iPod and concluded that none of the devices of the Apple produces electromagnetic field strong the sufficient one to intervene with the functioning of the pacemaker.

“Howard Bassen, researcher of the FDA, and its colleagues had created a complex experiment using a full stock market of saline solution to simulate the human body and a projected sensor to catch emissions eletromagnéticas”, he tells to Fox. “Eles had measured the magnetic fields produced by four different models of iPod: one iPod of fourth generation, one iPod video, one iPod nano and one iPod shuffle. They had also measured the tensions produced in the interior of marcapasso for the magnetic fields of iPods”.

Fox says that, according to results, all the measurements had indicated that iPods does not affect cardiac pacemaker, as had told to the periodical BioMedical Engineering OnLine.

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