Monday, February 4, 2008

Burn package full of resources - Easy Media Creator

Easy Media Creator congregates 28 programs to record CDs, DVDs, to make backup and to move with musics, videos and photos.

It thought about writing, thought Nero: it is of far software most used to record CDs and DVDs. But the Easy Media Creator 10 finishes to gain a competitor serious -, that it brings batelada of new features.

It is a package with nothing less of the one than 28 programs and resources that go very beyond the mere writing of CDs and DVDs: with the Easy Media Creator it is possible to retouch photos, to record audio, to edit filminhos and until converting videos for iPod.

Valley the penalty? The Easy Media Creator is better of the one than the Nero? In a word: yes. The dispute is incited - both are very complete packages, that cost around R$ 200. But Media Creator has some resources that make the difference.

Wide it already in the front therefore its initial screen very is well organized. It is enough to define what you desire to make (to record a music COMPACT DISC, for example) and the necessary program is opened. Much better of the one than the Nero, that in its last version gained an interface horrible (it sees more in

In the question music, Media Creator also earns because it allows to create CDs more developed. -á to include a narration in the start of the record or "to amend" musics (excellent for parties). Speaking in parties, the function Music DVD is well bacana: it allows to record up to 25 hours of music in a common DVD.

The Nero also offers this resource, clearly. But Media Creator goes beyond therefore generates a menu that facilitates the navigation for musics. The menu will appear in the screen of the TV when you to place the DVD to touch.

The fazedor of capinhas (for CDs and DVDs) of Media Creator also is slightly superior to the one of the Nero. But the high point is in the MusicID resource.

If you low musics of the InterNet, probably have some MP3 that are with "tags" - information as name of the artist, heading of the COMPACT DISC, year of writing, etc. - wrong or incomplete. This confuses the navigation for musics. The MusicID enters in scene. It listening a small piece of each song and discovers alone the information that lack. He is not infallible, but he functions. E this the Nero does not have.

Already the publisher of audio of the Nero takes advantage when offering more filters to clean and to improve the sound. But, in the video edition, Media Creator gives a bath in the competitor. It has more resources and its edition area (timeline) is well more flexible.

The users laiest go to adore the Plug resource & Burn therefore it records in DVD, with only one click, the videos caretakers who you registered with its digital filmadora.

A good package of writing must include, clearly, a program to make backups of its computer. Media Creator becomes the easy task therefore distributes the archives automatically in how many CDs they will be necessary. In this aspect, it ties up to with the Nero.

The pacotão also brings a software to retouch photos that promise original functions - to improve photos taken off in the cellular one, for example -, but it is half bobinho. He does not compare yourself with the Picasa (

The exclusive resource Disc Gallery is well useful. You have a stack of CDs and DVDs and does not know what he is recorded in each one? The Disc Gallery analyzes records, indexa its content and creates a data base in the PC. Later he is enough to type the name of some archive and the Disc Gallery indicates in which COMPACT DISC or DVD it is recorded. Well legal.

In contrast of the Nero, Media Creator does not offer resources of the type "measured to center", that they facilitate the operation of the computer saw control remote.

But, as little people have the computer installed in the room, it does not make much difference. Moreover, the Seen Windows already comes with its proper one measured to center.

For who it has iPod, the Easy Media Creator is a true hand in the wheel. It automatically converts videos and photos for the formats demanded for iPod. The Nero also has this resource, but it functions manually and it is a little more complicated.

Media Creator has an extremely irritating characteristic. When you erase a COMPACT DISC or regravável DVD, it always ejects the record and, to rewrite it, you need reinseriz it in the computer. Pparently he does not have as to prevent that Media Creator "cuspa" the records. Badly-educated.

If you only want to record one or another CD/DVD, the resources inlaid in the Windows are enough. Good E part of the functions of Media Creator (and the Nero) can be obtained in softwares gratuitous.

But the integration of the functions and the praticidade become the attractive package. If you already possess the Nero (in the Extreme version, that is the complete one), Media Creator does not arrive to be irresistible. But, for who it does not have no software of writing and it wants the maximum of resources, the Easy Media Creator 10 is a good investment.
[by Bruno Sayeg Garattoni]

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