Monday, February 4, 2008

Qtrax is going to offer 25 million free musics

After to pass one decade trying to fight the piracy of musics for the InterNet, part of the fonográfica industry decided to liberate, to leave of this monday, the gratuitous access more than the 25 million songs for the InterNet.

The music service online Qtrax announced, in this sunday, a partnership with great recorders, including EMI, Sony BMG, Universal Music and Warner Music, that go to make possible that using they lower of favour headings of the most varied sorts, since great hits of the present time until classics and rarities.

The announcement was made by the American company during the opening of 42ª edition of the Midem (International Market of the Record and the Musical Edition), the world-wide fair of music, in Cannes, France.

To have access musics, the user will have to go to the site of the Qtrax and to lower a specific software. Atrelada to the new tool, is Digital software Rights Management (management of digital rights, in free translation), that it will allow the recorders to check how many times its musics had been lowered and touched.

The service will be disponibilizado by means of a net "to peer-to-peer" (P2P) of sharing of archives for the InterNet.


As part of the agreement, artists and recorders they will be paid in agreement the number of accesses to its musics and still they will receive a slice from the one that will be collected with the announcements advertising executives made in the page of the Qtrax.

Companies as Microsoft, Mc Donald's and Ford already had disclosed that they will be some of the advertisers.

Musics that could be lowered by the Qtrax will not be compatible - at least at a first moment - with iPod. But the company, who passed last the five years developing the new tool, already announced that she is studying a "solution for iPod", to be disponibilizada in 15 of April.

About USS 30 million (R$ 53 million) they had been invested by the Qtrax in the new technology.

The head-executive of the company, Allan Klepfisz, said that the consumers "now will be able to share music for the InterNet legally".

"We want to be able to disponibilizar music of favour in an environment of total legality that will allow that the artists are paid".
[BBC Brazil]

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