Monday, February 4, 2008

Apple launches updats for iPod touch

Mail, Maps, Stocks, Weather and Notes, Web Clips and iTunes Movie Rentals are some of the functionalities that had still become iPod touch better

The Apple launched new upgrade of software for iPod touch, becoming it in the best mobile device Wi-Fi. The users of iPod touch that already they had most advanced to browser web mobile with the Safari, have, now, with this update access the applications as: Mail, Maps, Stocks, Weather and Notes. Upgrade of software of iPod touch includes, still, new functionalities as Web Clips, one ecrã customizável and the capacity to see iTunes Movie Rentals. Being thus, new iPod touch that they leave the plant already includes this update. For its turn, the actuais users can acquire upgrade for 17,99 euros buying it and unloading it from iTunes.

This upgrade of software of iPod touch was, as the LusoGadget already gave account here, announced in Portugal, during a press conference that if carried through in the Wednesday of the passed week. After the presentation we are, then, to know iPod better touch and its new actualizações.

The new Mail application, allows it to configure the Mail for the Gmail of the Google, Yahoo! Mail, Mac Mail and majority of the services based on POP or IMAP with only one clicks. This application of iPod touch is a customer of email HTML that pulls the messages, in deep of all the applications, of the majority of services POP3 or IMAP and shows to photos and graphs with the text of the email.

So that if it never loses, the Apple put, also, to its disposal the Maps, that includes the capacityto find automatically its localization close to stations Wi-Fi base, being able, thus, to use it as point of start or end for direcções or to find points or places of interest.

With this application it is possible to get information in real time on the state of the transit and to see maps in map or satellite way, or to use the sight of hybrid map, that combines the satellite and map sight so that it obtains to see the name of the supported main streets with satellite images.

The Stocks and the Weather allow it to accede the meteorological information on shares and reports with the tip of the fingers, and Notes to take off notes in any place, through an intelligent keyboard.

With home screen can rearrange and add new icons, with support up to nine ecrãs different, being able easily to alternate them. Already the option Web Clips allows it, of a simple form, to follow websites that normally visit as notice, blogs, porting sites and lists of films.

If it likes cinema, it can with new iTunes Movie Rentals of the Apple, to rent films from its computer and, of a form simple and fast, transferiz them for its iPod touch, visualizing them in any side. It has, still, the option to sail onward or stops backwards in its film for chapters, choosing alternative languages or seeing legends, in case that it is available. For the time being, this application is only available in the United States, not having still a forecast of when it could be used in Portugal.
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