Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How to Test an IPod Battery

IPods are a music lover's dream come true. It seems incredible that so much music can fit on such a tiny device. Music fans spend hundreds of dollars for these little miracle devices, but nothing will upset the iPod owner more than a battery that no longer holds a charge. Try the technique below to test the endurance of your iPod battery.

Difficulty: Moderate

Step One
Reset your iPod by sliding the "Hold" switch on, then back to "Off."

Step Two
Press simultaneously the "Play/Pause" button and "Menu" buttons for up to 10 seconds. Release when the Apple/iPod logo shows on the screen. Repeat if necessary.

Step Three
Turn on your iPod. Verify that there is at least one song of average length on the device.

Step Four
Update the device to the latest iPod software.

Step Five
Completely charge the iPod, either with an AC adapter or by a USB cable attached to the computer. Disconnect charging cable.

Step Six
Turn your iPod on. Go to its main menu. Select "Settings-Repeat." Continue through "Repeat" options until "All" is highlighted. Click "All" to select it.

Step Seven
Select "Settings-EQ." Click on "Off" to select it.

Step Eight
Attach earbuds or headphones. Choose a song/album to play. The song will play repeatedly until the battery is exhausted.

Step Nine
Record the time that your iPod starts playing and time that it stops playing. Check frequently to ensure your device is still active. Try to be as accurate as possible when determining when the battery becomes depleted.

Step Ten
Compare battery life span to your iPod's manual. If your estimated life span is considerably shorter than expected, the battery may need to be replaced.
by eHow Electronics Editor
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