Monday, December 17, 2007

How to Move MP3s from an iPod to a Computer

To move MP3s from an iPod to a computer is a bit advanced. iTunes will not let you do it and you will have to enable your iPod for disk use. Luckily, you have these steps to guide you. Follow these steps to move MP3s from an iPod to a computer.

Difficulty: Moderate
Things You'll Need
Step One
Connect your iPod to your computer, and use a PC if you can. Windows users have things easier. Open up “Control Panel” and click “Tools” then “Folder Options.” Under “Advanced Options,” select “Show hidden files and folders.” Click “Apply to all Folders” and then click “Okay.”

Step Two
Open up “My Computer.” Find the iPod (it will probably appear under external storage devices). Double-click the icon.

Step Three
Browse. Look for a folder that contains MP3s. It will usually be named something like "iPod Control." Find a “Music” folder and look in the subdirectories. The file names will be random numbers and letters.

Step Four
Copy and paste. Either drag the entire folder onto your desktop or select the files and hit “Ctrl” and “C” at the same time. Open another folder and hit “Ctrl” and “V” at the same time.

Step Five
Add to library. Now, open up iTunes and click “File” then “Add to Library.” Browse to the folder where you just copied the files to and select it.

Step Six
If you use a Mac, you will have to enable your iPod for disk use. Open iTunes and click the “iPod” icon. In the “Summary” tab, check "Enable for Disk Use" under options.

Step Seven
Drag and drop files to and from your iPod. You can now access your iPod as if it were an external hard drive. The iPod will appear on the desktop. Double-click to access the files and drag and drop them to your desktop or a folder to copy then.

Step Eight
Add to library. Repeat step 6.
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Overall Tips & Warnings
*For a PC, you may also need to set up your iPod to update manually.
*Although the filenames are nonsensical numbers and letters, when you add them to the library, iTunes will automatically sort and re-title them.
*Songs you have purchased from the iTunes Store may not play on other machines without being converted.

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