Monday, December 17, 2007

How to Get a free iPod Touch

I will tell you how to get a 100% free Apple iPod Touch from

Difficulty: Easy

Step One
Signup for your Free iPhone via the following link:

US/Canada only: www.FreeAppleiPod

* Over $2.5 million sent!

All you need to do is click on that link to go to the site's main page, enter a valid email address and all the other details (so that they can ACTUALLY SEND YOU your iPhone and make sure the signup process is legitimate).

All the info you're entering is 100% safe and secure. Like the privacy policy of the site states, it is NOT sold to any advertisers or will be used to spam your email address.

Also, make sure you choose the "referral account." It's a lot easier to complete!

Step Two
Complete ONE advertiser's TRIAL offer

DO NOT be afraid of this step! This is NOT a trap!

As soon as you login, you'll see an 'OFFERS' tab on top. Go there and scroll through the variety of offers available. You're free to choose whatever offer you like to do!

Step Three
Spread the Word - refer friends to do the exact same thing!

Now that you completed ONE offer (pretty easy, right?), you should refer as many friends as the reward needs. You'll will find your referral link on your status page once you login, and on the same page you will see all your referrals who signed up under you as well.

There are TONS of ways to refer people.

When you give your link out to people make sure they follow the same instructions mentioned on this site. Might as well point them to this site instead of re-iterating what I said, right?

Suggestions to get referrals...

1. Get friends/family/relatives to signup for ONE trial offer. They could even be your co-workers, boyfriend/girlfriend, teacher/professor, etc. This is, by far, the fastest and most reassuring way to get your Free iPhone faster!

2. Go to some forums and post your link there. Even post it as an eBay auction. Now that will get you attention right there!

You can allways buy one from Amazon - Ipod Touch

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