Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How to DJ with an iPod

iPod DJing has become popular in unconventional bars and clubs all over the world since 2004, when club owners began setting up iPod mixing booths and inviting patrons to perform their favourite tracks. The process is simple, and because it is currently impossible to beat match with an iPod, you need no musical skill, or DJing experience, to become tonight’s Mixmaster!

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You'll Need
Mixing Desk
Two iPods
A Large track library

Step One
Plug two iPods into the “line-in” connections of a mixer.

Step Two
If you plan to mix vinyl records with IPod music it is also possible to use a special IPod DJ mixer, that is set-up to incorporate IPods AND decks.

Step Three
Choose a song on one iPod and set the cross fader so that this tune is playing through the DJ speakers.

Step Four
Choose the following song on the other iPod. To line-up the next track, press the play/pause button twice in quick succession, so that the track is paused at the very start of the song.

Step Five
As the song being played through the speakers comes to an end, lower the output volume on the mixer and switch the cross fader to the second iPod. Quickly un-pause the lined-up track and increase the output volume.

Step Six
Forget about beatmatching. It is currently impossible for iPod DJ’s to beatmatch, (increase or decrease the speed of songs so that their tempo’s match) although the technology is being developed!

Step Seven
Choose your songs wisely. iPod DJ’s are rated almost entirely on their tune selection rather than their skills with DJ equipment.

Step Eight
Tap the center button on your IPod twice in quick succession to “scratch” the current track. Doing this means the music backs up a fraction and can have some interesting effects!

Tips & Warnings
*IPods don’t scroll through tracks second-by-second but tend to skip along instead. The inaccuracy of the IPod means that seriously good “drop-ins” are very hard to achieve; forget them!
*iPod DJing is still in its infancy but is expected to grow. Get a foothold in the scene early!
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