Monday, December 17, 2007

How to Download iJailbreak for the iPod Touch

Following in the footsteps of Jailbreak developed for the iPod, iJailbreak is a program that allows users to unlock the iPod Touch so that third-party applications can be loaded. Follow these steps to properly download and set up iJailbreak for the iPod Touch so you can start customizing your cool new pod.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step One
Make sure you have the system requirements. The iJailbreak program is designed to work on Apple's operating system OS X Tiger running on Intel chips and PowerPC. If you don't run a computer with OS X Tiger you can find someone who does to download the program and break your iPod Touch out of digital jail.

Step Two
Download the application. You can download the application from Google Code. The link to the application's newest version is available from Select and begin the download. Once the program has downloaded copy the disk image to your application folder, making sure that you're not copying the application itself since the two share a single icon.

Step Three
Run the application. To make sure the iJailbreak application downloaded correctly you should quit iTunes, if it's open, and run iJailbreak. Follow the subsequent instructions and head to the web address designated by the application to continue the process.

Step Four
Connect your iPod Touch. Continue on with the process to make sure that the program downloaded correctly and is compatible with your machine and setting. When you're prompted to connect your iPod Touch do so and then click through the instructions to begin the "jail break" process. The process should take a few minutes if everything goes correctly.

Step Five
Finish up. To finish the download and set up process you should follow the final, post-jail break instructions, which includes turning the iPod Touch off and then restarting it. Go through with this process and then try installing some third party applications to make sure that the process and download did what they were supposed to.
by eHow Electronics Editor
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