Thursday, December 20, 2007

How to download music to an Ipod

Giving a step by step introudction on someone that has never used an Ipod before

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You'll Need
and Ipod, a high intensity computer
Step 1
The moment has come where you have saved up all of your hard earned money to purchase your first Ipod, and you feel a bit lost. You sit there in agony and frustration and you ask yourself this question, why did I buy this item.
Step 2
The first step, is that you will need to visit in order to set up an Itunes account. After you have downloaded this information, you will create a personal profile for your itunes music.
Where you will have to enter your credit card information.
Step 3
make sure you listen to all the song snippets of that certain artist because there are many different versions of a specific song, and you do not want to get the wrong song.
by smithers6
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Overall Tips & Warnings
*Itunes cards are wonderful because they are prepaid cards, where you do not have to use your credit card to purchase songs.
*If you do not have a high speed computer, and high speed internet your purchased music will not transfer,your computer will end up crashing

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