Monday, December 17, 2007

Former Apple Designer Creates Sound Machine iPhone Dock

In Audio Jibe they are preparing a base for iPhone, of name Sound Machine, that it has enamored to us at first sight. However, between the people in charge of its creation we found Robert Brunner, industrial designer head in Apple from 1989 to 1996, where the PowerBook created, and founder of Ammunition Group, the design company/signature with which it tries to take the electronics of design to a new level.

The Audio Jibe Sound Machine is the first product that the Californian company/signature will send at the beginning of 2008. Shortly after they will accompany earpieces with cancellation by noise that will use, like this base for iPhone, the principle of tape loudspeakers which already we saw in the loudspeakers Sunfire CRM-2 Cinema Ribbon, and a system of cinema in house with flat television set.

In order to equip the loudspeakers Sound Machine with the quality of sound that deserves best iPod, iPhone, in Audio Jibe has asked for the aid of Menlo Scientific, specialists of the sound with 25 years of experience in their salary and that have spilled all their knowledge are these demanding loudspeakers, whose secrets are not within reach of many.

In the Audio Jibe Sound Machine also we will have free hands Bluetooth, an exit to earpieces, a port USB to synchronize iPhone with the computer and an entrance of audio aid to connect other digital reproducers.

On the price, the power of the loudspeakers, the exact date of sale and other smaller details of the Audio Jibe Sound Machine so far nothing is known. Only we have left to wait for and to say so that in CES 2008 of Fertile valleys they show it in all his splendor.

Update: In BusineesWeek they said that also it has reproducer of DVD and radio by Internet. Where it is the groove for the DVD? Sim embargo, the radio by Internet could have it if it has WiFi or an Ethernet pin that we do not see in the photography.

Sources: Audio Jibe, Ammunition Group and Menlo Scientific.
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